Photoshoot "Love Story"
2,500.00 р.
Photoshoot "Fashion"
1,990.00 р.
Photoshoot "Retro style Chicago"
3,900.00 р.
Photoshoot "семья"
1,990.00 р.
Photoshoot "The World of Childhood"
1,990.00 р.
Photoshoot "Our crumb"
3,900.00 р.
Studio in the city center
Professional photographers
Hair and make-up of professional stylists
More than 70 ready-made images
More than 20 interior zones
50 and higher-quality pictures on the flash card into the photo shoot the day
Photoshoot "Waiting for a miracle"
3,900.00 р. 8,500.00 р.
Photoshoot "It reflects your personality"
2,500.00 р. 3,900.00 р.
Photoshoot "Прогулка по Новосибирску"
1,990.00 р. 3,900.00 р.
Wedding 1,400.00 р.
2,500.00 р. 3,900.00 р.